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Selenite Crystal wand and rose quartz necklace :D : Finally got my hands on a beutiful Wand for charm and spell casting :3 its made from hand crafted Selenite which has properties necessary for communication with guardian angels and elevating you’re thinking during meditation to the angelic realm :) It also came with a lovely soft velvet pouch which stops it getting scratched :3

Also bought a small rose quartz egg and put it in a little pendant cage, probably gonna give it to me hubby as a gift as rose quartz is a love stone and represents unconditional love <3 

~0$$0 kawaii the magical femboy~

ihaspoooof asked:

I'm new to being a femboy and I was wondering where's the best place to shop also I'm in Scotland to!!!

^-^ I’m always glad to help new femboys! :) H&M, newlook, next, matland, any gothic/emo/punk/ alternatives shops are your best best :3 I manly buy from matland and sometimes online I’d personally recommend trying on before you buy so you can be sure if it’s exactly what ur looking for :) always glad to hear there’s fellow femboys in scotland :D if it looking for other Scottish femboys I’d recommend gothicqueenofscots and rabbitinwonderland92 ;)

~0$$0 kawaii the femboy~

Possible Hair Change

I’m thinking about bleaching my hair white then dying it neon hot pink when the black dye I’ve already got in it fades out, what do you guys think? Dya think it’ll look good with some pink eye makeup? (Liner/shadow) :3 

It’s just that ever since I first dyed my hair I’ve always wanted to make my hair bright pink! :D if I do go through with it im stocking up on pink/ red eye makeup :) I wanna look as queer as humanly possible >:3 I can imagine it now, straight folk giving me funny looks as I skip by them with me girly pink hair and drag queen eyes ;)

Deep down I’ve always wanted to let my flaming camp/queer/gay/ faggy side show through my appearance and not just my personality and now since I’ve left school and no longer have to deal with dress codes there’s nothing holding this raging homo back! XD

Red eyeliner/makeup : finally managed to find some red eyeliner! :D it matches my red shadow perfectly ^-^ I absolutely love how the look turned out :3 kinda reminds me of 2004 - 2006 Frank iero’s makeup style, minus the black X’s across my face and a bullet proof vest XD I like how the redness/pinkish hue makes my eyes appear sunken /sleep deprived and my pale skin only magnifies the effect further! :D

~0$$0 kawaii the femboy~

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