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How do I Femboy V2


The label “Femboy” is a complicated one to say the least, and contains many contradictions in it’s own. A couple of the main things that could either classify or declassify you as a correct holder of the femboy label are listed in: 1: An Opening Statement 2: Gender Identity, 3: Motives/Desire, and…

This….. is probably the best explanation of the femboy subculture I have ever read! Thank you kaiba ^-^ this info is very important and raises alot of awareness about what it means to be a femboy <3  

Many femboys have their own unique view of the definition of what “femboy” is but if I had to explain the lifestyle to someone who was thinking about starting off as a femboy or was just curious about the fashion/lifestyle I’d show them this explanation right here ^- ^ thanks kaiba! 


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