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Another laid back Punk influenced look. Baggy top and slim fit pants. If you wanted, you could throw a lot more accessories on the wrists, and add a neck piece even, that would add to the grunginess of it. I actually had an undershirt on with fishnet down the sides. it just barely showed through the baggy sleeve holes on the Nirvana shirt. you cant see it in the pics at all, but looked pretty awesome.

Super punky femboy! ^-^ looking great! :3

Nose stud! : Went to the devil’s scribe tattoo and peircings shop in Edinburgh today and got a stud put in my right nostril ( and yes it hurt like hell btw >~< ) they didnt have any black studs or hoops so they just put in a silver one I’ll wait a few weeks till it’s healed up a bit and I’ll go back and have a black hoop/ring put in :3 

~0$$0 kawaii the peircing Freak femboy~

Possible Nose Peircing…

Thinking about getting a black ring/hoop put in my right nostril :) gonna go get it done at the devil’s scribe peircings and tattoos shop in Edinburgh ( their cheap £10 per peircing but they have a good rep) 

I’ve always liked the look of nose/septum peircings but I’ve always been sorta afraid of the pain factor which sounds strange coming from a guy with their ears, right eyebrow, top lip and bottom lip pierced but the thought of a needle going through my nasal cartilage makes my eyes water >.< :/ well it looks like I’m just gonna have to nut up or shut up lol if you’ve had or have a nose peircing please feel free to message me to let me know about your experience with stuff like pain/aftercare :3 

~0$$0 kawaii the femboy~

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